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Download FREE!!! Magic Inkjet Flush Manual 100+ Color Photos


Print Test Sheets


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Thank You !   We are pleased to inform you that we have shipped your order by Portuguese Priority Air Mail.  Orders are currently taking about 2 weeks to: USA, Canada and Australia etc... and about 1 week to Europe.   If your order included REGISTERED and wish to get a copy of your REGISTERED Number please CLICK HERE

Your link to the Magic Inkjet Flush Manual  can be found below or



 FOR please select your printer

CLICK HERE for aternative SHORTER instructions to UNCLOG Epson

Your Magic Inkjet Flush Kit will include either include a Magic Inkjet Ink Priming Pump (which has a blue cap) or optional Dr.EpSUN Refill Tool if it was included or requested. (please see your item description.)

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 How to download your   Magic Inkjet Flush Manual

 Magic Inkjet Flush Manual   is in WINZIP (a compressed format) so after downloading...
You must UNPACK it to see the pictures... OTHERWISE YOU WILL SEE THIS! Click Here
So please follow instructions... S L O W L Y and CAREFULLY.

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If you don't have winzip?

Please Click Here to download WinZip 17  (13.9MB)
Choose option 3 Try it for 45 Days It is FREE ! =  If you choose (EVALUATION VERSION)

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Just before we give you the download link... Once you have downloaded your  Magic Inkjet Flush Manual  you will see a colourful menu at the top just click on any option...

For  CANON  please look on the  Right  hand side

or to see mini video on how to use New Magic Mini Unclogger for large Canon black inks 
                                           CLICK HERE or goto

Basically, for a clogged Canon with a large black ink inlet filter, just peel label and stick it onto your middle finger and fill it with warmed Magic.  Then place print head inside a plastic food bag (so as not to make a mess) Then use a gentle pumping action until it is unclogged.

For  HP  please click on the HP in the  Centre  of the menu etc...

For  EPSON PRINTERS  look on the  Left  or if you want the FASTER INSTRUCTIONS for Epson printers continue to read below.


 CLICK HERE for How to download Manual


IN a HURRY?  Here are the Shorter Instructions for unclogging EPSON printers. As an alternative

 to downloading our FULL Magic Manual - Please read the text below         

and you can quickly learn how many customers are now using our UNIQUE Blue Magic Pillows to UNCLOG EPSON PRINTERS the  FASTER WAY !

Heres a typical label on a BLUE MAGIC PILLOW which we have been using for the last two years with Great Success!

 Dr.EpSUN  Refill Tool   Click on LOGO for PDF Instructions  Download PDF Reader 9.0      Back to Top


Please Note: If you requested a Magic cleaning kit for an Epson printer we have sent you 3x of our NEW WIDER Blue Magic Pillows and a sample of our narrower size.  Blue Magic Pillows are now the easiest and quickest way to unclog most Epson printers.  But if your is an older Epson printer it may have a narrower track underneath where the print head travels...  If so the 3x wide Blue Magic Pillows will be too wide to fit yours... So you all you need to do is to cut along the dotted lines with scissors and make it narrower.

Here's how to unclog Epson printers using our copyright:  Blue Magic Pillows

Download FREE!!! Magic Inkjet Flush Manual 100+ Color Photos

To protect your print head you should NEVER ATTEMPT TO PRINT, WHEN YOU ARE OUTof ink as the
next drop of ink acts as a cooler and if there isn't any ink left then the print heads may burn out!

Best to unclog your Epson printer on a table or near the sink.

NEVER PUT TAP WATER THROUGH A PRINT HEAD ! Impurities in tap water will damage the print head permanently.  Distilled water is OK. (Buy at most Drug Stores / Car repair shop.)

Never allow Magic Applicator to EMPTY whilst using it - otherwise AIR will be injected into 
print head and blanks will appear on your prints.

Please read through these instructions before starting.

For REALLY CLOGGED JETS if your kit has it? You can USE a little of the CONCENTRATED 
MAGIC (undiluted) = Darker Green.



1. Remove cap from Magic Inkjet Flush bottle.

2. Pull out dropper from bottle or cut off tip then...

3. Place Bottle of Ready to use Magic Inkjet Flush into a microwave until warm but NOT 
HOT usually for about 10 / 20 seconds.

 Magic Applicator   (Patent Pending)

4. To fill  Magic Applicator  = Pour WARMED Magic into an egg cup or similar container

Then follow instrctions below...

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Epson Cap Assembly

When parked the print head sits onto the cap assembly which has a rubber seal.  The print head parks onto this and makes an air tight seal to prevent the ink from drying inside the tiny ink jets-nozzles.  But if left unused for long periods ink thickens and eventually it dries up.  Then its like trying to pass a camel through the eye of a needle and nothing prints.  Tip: You should never leave the inks out of the printer when not in use.

Each time you switch your printer on you will hear the ink being sucked through under the cap assembly which cleans and primes the print head.  (Tip: You can save ink if you leave the printer switched on during short breaks.)

The primed ink (waste) then travels along the ink purge tube into the ink absorber pads which are in the the base of the printer.  So it's important to make sure the cap assembly is not clogged with dry ink otherwise the ink priming function can't work properly,  It has been known for the purge tubes to come off just below the cap assembly, so always check tubes below if ink does not appear to be getting through.

How to unclog a dry Epson print head using  Blue Magic Pillows

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  •  1.  Switch ON Epson printer.
  •  2.  When carriage moves simply PULL the power cable from the back of the printer (this allows free movement of print head carriage)
  •  3.  Remove inks then slide the carriage to the left.

 NOTE:  If the printer has been left unused for a long time you should drip a few drops of Magic onto the Epson Cap Assembly or place a small magic pillow onto it and soak it with WARM Magic Inkjet Flush.  If totally dry it will be almost impossible for the purge tubes to function properly.

  •  4.  Open  Blue Magic Pillows  and peel off white backing of one to reveal the adhesive and stick  Blue Magic Pillow  onto the track (sticky side down) Usually best in the ink cartridge change position or slightly to the left.  For some older models you may need to gently remove the lift up handles which hold the inks in place they just unclip at the sides.
  • Now SOAK the  Blue Magic Pillow  with half an APPLICATOR full of WARM Magic Inkjet Flush and immediately...
  •  5.  Slide the carriage over onto the WET pillow, so that the print head sits onto it. *Although you cannot see it, the print head is underneath where the inks go.
  •  6.  Now refill the Magic Applicator with WARM Magic Inkjet Flush (hold upright and eject any trapped air) then gently sit the rubber tip onto the tip of each clogged ink inlet post and inject (about a 1/4 of a Magic Applicator Full into EACH ink inlet POST.   (If you have a magnifying glass you can see the tiny holes around the ink inlet tips which the inks sit onto.) The Magic Applicator will cover these tiny holes and allow warm Magic to travel down into the print head and exit onto the BLUE Magic Pillow below thus unclogging any dried ink trapped inside.  Always refill Magic Applicator BEFORE EMPTY to prevent air entering print head !The Warm Magic will attack the ink clog from both ends and usually it is all you will need to do !  DON´T BE TEMPTED TO SLIDE THE CARRIAGE after injecting Magic otherwise the pillow may be damaged.
  •  7.  Now leave the print head to soak for at least 4hrs or overnight.  Also don't forget to place a Magic Pillow onto the cap assembly  (see below) and give it a squirt of warmed magic (About half a Magic Applicator full) The cap assembly has a rubber seal around it and can be found on the right hand side... where the print head is usually parked.  This will help to make sure that the ink priming facility is not clogged up and working properly.
  •  8.  Next day remove both Magic Pillows
  •  9.  Insert inks + Cable
  • 10.  Test Print and run nozzle test.

You can also find the longer process we used for years in the Magic Manual if you prefer to download it.

Ink Absorber Pads

Epson printers now have a built in protection counter which regulates the amount of ink entering the absorber pads.  These may need to be cleaned or replaced but often it is not necessary.  So should you get an error stating... "Parts inside your printer are near the end of their service life."  This is a maintenance request. Which means that the protection counter or waste ink counter as it is known has reached it's limit. This error can easily cost up to $100 if you have to send it to Epson for service !
But you can get a nifty little programme which also has a facility to reset the waste counter and you can easily do it yourself.

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Free Chip Resetting Programme, waste counter reset

1. Click Here to download
2. Once downloaded
3. Install the programme
4. Then click on the SSC Service Utility icon
5. A window will be displayed with three options:

Ink Monitor

6. Choose Configuration
7. Then select your printer from drop down list showing available Epson printers.
8. Now close the window.
9. A new icon will appear on your task bar (bottom right of your monitor to left of clock.)
10. RIGHT Click on icon (a mini printer) 
11. A new 9 line drop down will appear.
12. Make sure your printer is connected then
13. Choose 4th option
14. A new 3 option drop down will appear choose 2nd option = Reset protection counter.
15. You will now be asked HAVE You Replaced Waste Ink Pad ?
16. Choose YES
17. A new Information box will appear stating "Waste counter reset"

's it!

Remember you may need to replace the absorbing pads later once they are full !

Wishing You The Best Of Luck.

Many Thanks!

John P Bradley      Tinteiros (Ebay)       Follow me on Twitter... CLICK HERE

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If still really clogged... Try using concentrated Magic = undiluted.

If prints are still not normal check to see if all colours are passing through print head and you do not have air trapped?

If it continues you may have a faulty print head which may need to be replaced.

But try this first...

Try removing printer driver... Switch off printer and computer then remove all cables for 1 minute

Then reconnect cables (many printers will switch back to factory settings whilst disconnected)

Then allow computer to find printer and reinstall printer driver and PRINT TEST.                Back to Top



As found in the Magic Inkjet Flush Manual here are the print test sheets.

We have found that the easiest way to flush a print head is to print solid rectangles = blocks of the problem colour until flushed.

Printing rectangles.

Depending on colour(s) with problems just choose... Yellow, Magenta, Grey Tones etc… and print rectangles of problem colours until flushed.

The prints may appear pale and washy at first when printing with Magic.

Colours should reappear once the Magic is replaced by your own ink.

      If the first print is not perfect and still some white lines...

      allow 15 minutes between prints to allow Magic to soak and remove any residue ink.






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Download FREE!!! Magic Inkjet Flush Manual 100+ Color Photos

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 Magic Inkjet Flush Manual 

1.   Please CLICK HERE or copy and paste this link  into your browser.

2.   Then Choose   (SAVE AS)  If you do not manage to connect immediately, please try in a few minutes, because we have a max of 50 downloads at any one time.

3.   The FILE will be saved on your DESK TOP as... (Magic_Inkjet_Flush_Manual_1886)

4.   Once downloaded... Choose centre option (OPEN FILE)

      A ZIP File called (Magic_Inkjet_Flush_Manual_1886) 
      will be found on your desktop (ICON looks like a little yellow TV on page)

5.   Using mouse RIGHT!!!! Click  (RIGHT CLICK) on ICON called (Magic_Inkjet_Flush_Manual_1886)

6.   Choose 5th option... (WinZip)

7.   When new window appears... Choose 2nd option (Extract to here)

8.   When offered by WinZip... Choose (USE EVALUATION VERSION) it is FREE !

      A BRAND New File will now appear on your Desk Top... called... (Magic Aug 4)                                                    
 Back to Top 

9.   (Double click) to open it...

10. You should now see lots of colour pictures...
      Click on large (e) entitled 1_CLICK_HERE Magic_Inkjet_Flush_Manual_1886.
11. Once you see lots of text options...
      Click on ANY word and it will take you to that link...
12. Use BACK TO TOP to choose again.  You will find there are lots of TEXT and PICTURE links throughout
the  Manual  so you can get to know what to do... for when your  Magic Kit  arrives.
Once you have downloaded the Magic Manual... if you have red Xs instead of pictures? Please GO back to Number 5
      You must UNPACK ZIP file once downloaded... to see the pictures... OTHERWISE YOU WILL SEE THIS !
Chip resetting Programme for Epson inks
To download your FREE Chip Resetting & Cleaning Programme for Epson printers
Click Here  to download
Choose   (SAVE)

We really appreciate your custom and hope you will find your 
 Magic Inkjet Flush Kit  very useful.
Many Thanks !

John P Bradley          tinteiros 



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